Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet the Squad!

Well here we are again, and I thought I introduce the team I'll start off with Aliitasi Meleane aka "Tasi" the first princess she is two years old going on twenty one. Born on September 5 she brings joy, and laughter into our home. Tasi's favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob Square Pants also known as "bob bob" she is a great older sister and very smart, but don't get it twisted this little one has an attitude, where she gets it from I have no idea haha. Some of the things she does for fun is play with the neighborhood kids, play with her cousin especially Breezie who she looks up to and adores so much, she also is a big sports center fan who she watches with dad when not watching "bob bob", Tasi also loves to "break it down" she has the most random dance moves haha! What a blessing she has been in our lives, she has literally kept us as "ONE" so what a perfect name for our beautiful first daughter.

Next, is our new addition to the team, first round draft pick and all-star, Marlee Analei Valentine born on Valentines day she has definitely brought much joy into our home. Marlee loves to play with her sister and EAT. This little girl doesn't play she has her GAME face on all day every day! Unlike Tasi who smiled all the time when she was a newborn this little girl will "mean mug" you unless your her mommy haha. Marlee's favorite thing to do is EAT, but don't tell that to her mom. Marlee's name was inspired by the great Bob Marley, but to add a feminine touch to it we changed the y to an e, An alei comes from a Tongan word meaning "Obedient" and Valentine was a must, with her being born on valentines day. She is true blessing and our lives and will definitely be our LEGEND!

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